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5th of May

Fête de la Danse Genève / Festival La Cour des Contes PLO

@ La Julienne, Plan-les-Ouates

 Sunday 05.05       

 16:15 & 18:30



With Ambra Peyer and Marine Besnard
Charles Mugel:  Original Composition




1st of February

 Kunststücke am Mittag

@ Kulturmarkt Zürich

 Friday 01.02       
 13:30 – 13:40 

 Free entrance


Life, work, reaching for perfection… how to stay human? It is with and as a reflection of the other that one can draw his or her path.

With Ambra Peyer and Marine Besnard
Charles Mugel:  Original Composition





3rd October 

Shell, Shall we move

@ Villa Sträuli Winterthur

 Wednesday 03.10       
 19:30 – 23:00 

A textile, sound and movement performance. A conversation between 4 artists from different art fields.

Sabrina Bosshard: fashion and costume designer
Mira Frehner: actor and performer 
Stefanie Kägi: visual artist
Julia Toggenburger: musician

Movement perspective: Marine Besnard

Free entrance at anytime 


19th – 21st August


@ Theater Spektakel, Zentral Bühne

 Sunday 19.08       Monday 20.08       Tuesday 21.08
 19:00                       20:00 & 22:00        20:00 & 22:00


What do clothes, identities and strong women have in common?

The two dancers, Ambra Peyer and Federica Normanno give us an interesting insight into the world of shop-windows.



2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th May


@ Fête de la Danse 2018, Zürich Tanzt 2018, Tanzfest 2018



Shop-windows are ever changing landscapes,  reflecting social trends. Humour and poetry to tell the story of strong women, their identity and how they are being perceived through a choice of clothes.



12th, 13th May


@ Minard Theatre, Gent, BE



A choreography commissioned by Muda Kunstzentrum in Gent for their final year students.




SEE-THROUGH residence

Tous les jours du 12 au 22 juin 2017

Flux Laboratory Zurich

10h00-13h00 et 14h00-18h00

Comment participer?

Rencontre 2.0

Les 11 et 14 mai dans le cadre du Printemps Carougeois (horaires sur le site)

Départ au Cinéma Bio de Carouge

Voir le trailer




Rencontre 2.0 - extract

Le 13 mai 2017

Bâtiment des Forces Motrices



Rencontre au Flux

Le 9 novembre 2016



#rencontre au CS Bel AIr

18 juin 2016

Fête de la musique

CS Bel Air


#rencontre - aux Bains des Pâquis

25 Septembre 2016

Deux représentations libres

Départs à 13h et 16h

#rencontre promenade

7-8 mai 2016

Départ devant l’Espace Vélodrome


#rencontre - Hôtel de Ville

24 Septembre 2016

Journée de la Démocratie

Entrée libre – 17h00

#rencontre sur scène

25-26 juin 2016

Espace Vélodrome