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Premiered at Gesnerallee Bühne A Zürich, June 2019

Digits (2019)

 A “1” and a “0” at a time, our lives and daily processes become more standardised. Safeguarding individual identities and remaining in control of our emotions may well be one of tomorrow’s biggest challenge.


Dancers: Lola Bournillat, Gianna Bassan, Renan Cavalho de Oliveira, Elise De Heer, Sophie Feige, Charlott Fischer-Wachsmann, Joana Hermes, Gian Luca Lazzarini, Maya Peyer, Ilaria Rabagliati, Naomi Roth, Alessio Russo, Guilia Spada, Louise Tinguely, Eefje Van den Bergen, Naina Zanantsoa

Composition: Charles Mugel


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