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A promenade performance, 3 short films, a stage performance.


Communication and human relationships in an over-connected world. The main character, Alice, meets 4 people that will help her reconnect to the reality, away from her smartphone.

Choreography: Marine Besnard

Rehearsal Director and dancer: Rosana Ribeiro

Dancers: Clement Fleuriel, Edouard Hue, Erin O’Reilly, Ivett Hernandez, Marine Besnard, Sabrina Gargano, Tom Tindall

Music: Jeremy Gras

Film Director: Danilo Moroni

Camera: Charles Mugel

Light design: Marc Gaillard

Story Board: Ally Smiths

Photographers: Danilo Moroni, Pika Sazzadul Alam

Une fable moderne sur les dangers des médias sociaux et la rupture des relations interpersonnelles provoquées.

Cécile dalla Torre, Le Courrier, 22 juin 2016

‘Une musique très inspirante de Jeremy Gras. Les mouvements sont justes tranchants ou tendres, rigoureux. Rien de trop.


Pascale Zimmermann, Tdge, 27 juin 2016


Un parcours artistique surprenant entre danse, théâtre, musique et vidéo.



Caroline Buisson, Ouverture, 1 avril 2016

The audience, equipped with wireless headphones, is lead by the dancers through the city, on a music specially composed by Jeremy Gras. 

So far the piece was performed in Plan-les-Ouates, Credit-Suisse (bel-air), L’Hôtel de Ville (Geneva) and Carouge.

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