Risk Forward

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Premiered at Cerise Festival (CH) 2014 and Resolution! 2015 (UK)

Risk Forward (2014-15)

Risk Forward is a duet performed by a man and a women and two musicians. Actors of the same game, the four explore human potential, facing individual and common conflicts. Trust in the other becomes the rule allowing them to take risks and go on with their own journeys.

There’s a real sense of spontaneity and changing relationships between the collaborators

  Lyndsey Winship, dance critique for the Evening Standard, UK

Risk Forward’s casual urban aesthetic made use of a piece of rope tied around the ankle of the female protagonist to enact a game of trust. It translated well the spontaneous nature of the collaboration between the dancers and the live musicians

  Lilia Prier Tisdall, dance critique at The Place, London

-we fell in love with you about a 12’00 times in 30 minutes, Impressive

Audience member, The Place, London


Marine Besnard

Chorégraphe et danseuse

Tom Tindall


Rosana Ribeiro

Directrice de répétition

Snakebox (Otis and Akeim)


Danilo Moroni